We use unchanging, absolute-value metrics to make long-term investments in high-quality companies. Our process avoids investment bubbles and fads, enabling investors to build long-term wealth.

Why Frank Funds?

Superior Process

Diversify your portfolio beyond the common indices.
Lower correlation and increase risk-adjusted returns.

Experienced Teams

Our three portfolio management teams each have a minimum of 20 years of experience. Our track records stretch back nearly two decades.


Active equity strategies adapt to changing market structures and conditions.
Nimble portfolio managers can move faster than rapid macro shocks like Covid.

Nimble Structure

We are independent managers not part of large banks. This enables us to move quickly in changing marketing environments without red tape.

Discover why unprofitable technology is crashed in 2022.


Are you Looking for a Complete Wealth-Management Solution?

We design custom separately managed accounts investing directly in equities, bonds, and options. By investing directly in these instruments, we avoid double-fees other firms incur by investing your money in mutual funds, managed money accounts, and ETFs. Our research is conducted in-house, avoiding groupthink and conflicts of interest often seen in Wall Street firms. Our clients are sophisticated, high-net-worth individuals that know the value of going straight to the source.

Frank Value Fund Ticker Symbols:
Investor Class: FRNKX
Institutional Class: FNKIX

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West Hills Core Fund Ticker Symbol:

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Camelot Event Driven Fund

Camelot Event-Driven Fund Ticker Symbols:
Class A: EVDAX
Institutional Class: EVDIX

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