We use unchanging, absolute-value metrics to make long-term investments in high-quality companies. Our process avoids investment bubbles and fads, enabling investors to build long-term wealth.

Why Frank Funds?

More Opportunities

  • Global, all-cap, all-asset investing at Camelot Event-Driven Fund.
  • Underfollowed, high-insider ownership small and mid-caps for Frank Value.
Target - Bullseye - Valuation Disciplined Equity

Benchmark Agnostic

  • Our high active share diversifies your clients better than style-box allocations.
  • Unlike index-weightings, we allocate capital to the best opportunities.
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  • As independent asset managers, we are free to follow our process.
  • We resist the corporate pressures to focus on short-term outcomes.
Benchmark Agnostic


  • Talk to us directly as we are accessible.
  • Track record of performance and compliance spanning multiple market cycles.

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Deliver Value to Your Clients

We help you bring value to your clients with proven strategies. Our research-driven process allows us to discover opportunities that will generate returns and minimize losses for long-term investors.

Frank Value Fund Ticker Symbols:
Investor Class: FRNKX
Institutional Class: FNKIX

The Frank Fund combines valuation discipline, high active share, and long-term holding periods to offer superior expected returns for long-term holders. By using unchanging absolute-value metrics, it consistently maintains positions in the best-priced, highest-quality companies.

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West Hills Core Fund Ticker Symbol:

West Hills Core Fund aims to achieve similar long-term performance of the S&P 500 Index with less risk. The fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing in low-cost, highly liquid S&P equity ETF.

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Camelot Event Driven Fund

Camelot Event-Driven Fund Ticker Symbols:
Class A: EVDAX
Institutional Class: EVDIX

The Camelot Event-Driven Fund aims to deliver a traditional hedge fund strategy to mutual fund investors. Our experienced managers seek to capitalize on corporate events that change the structure of a company.

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