Frank Funds is an independent mutual fund trust with three funds: Camelot Event-Driven Fund, West Hills Core Fund, and Frank Value Fund. For event-driven investing see Camelot Event-Driven Fund, and for S&P 500 investing with less risk see West Hills Core Fund. This site is for the Frank Value Fund.

Frank Value Fund is Your Core Equity Portfolio

We invest according to a strict, absolute-value process. Companies must fit our criteria of low valuations and high quality.

The Frank Value Fund is a core holding – investing in 25-33 high-quality US equities that are often excluded or underrepresented in various indices or ETFs. Management consistently combines valuation discipline, high active share, and long-term holding periods to offer superior expected returns for long-term holders.

How does Frank Value Fund fit in your portfolio?

Our strategy is your core. By using unchanging absolute-value metrics, we consistently maintain positions in the best-priced, highest-quality companies.

  • Best-in class, valuation-disciplined equity exposure all the time. Perfect for your core.
  • Benchmark agnostic – process dictates our positions, not an index!

Intelligent Concentration. Only our best ideas and nothing else.

  • Other funds own hundreds of companies. Winners are unable to move your bottom line.
  • We have strict limits on position size and correlated holdings giving us the maximum benefit of concentration while limiting risks.

Patience and Discipline. We are 100% process oriented with high active share. When we invest, we hold for the long-term.

  • Avoid fads. Never overpay for growing companies.
  • Tax efficient long-term gains and low turnover.

Absolute Value requires patience, discipline, and a wide net. We believe our brand of value investing is superior and proven.

Our Investment Process:

1) Focus on the downside.

Our analysis includes intense scrutiny on target-company balance sheets.

  • Indebted companies often go bankrupt, wiping out equity holders. Our process avoids these risky ventures.
  • You need a 100% gain to get back even from a 50% loss. We avoid losses first and generate gains second.

2) Strict valuation metrics.

Our strategy starts with quantitative analysis. Having absolute value metrics keeps the fund in reasonably priced securities.

3) High quality.

We look for superior businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and continued opportunities to reinvest their profits for more growth.

4) Buy and hold.

Our managers monitor portfolio holdings closely, but we aim to hold for the long-term. However if company management changes their strategy or the business loses its advantages, we will sell.

Management has considerable experience and skin in the game.

Brian Frank

Mr. Frank has been the portfolio manager the Frank Value Fund since inception in July 2004. After working at Lightyear Capital, a private equity fund organized by Donald Marron of Paine Webber, Mr. Frank co-founded the Frank Value Fund, a mutual fund isolating his family office’s equities strategy. The Frank Value Fund has nine times been awarded as a Wall Street Journal Category King. Mr. Frank and his family have significant personal stakes in the fund.

Mr. Frank has a Bachelor of Science degree from New York University’s Stern School of business in Finance and Accounting. He is a Registered Investment Advisor and has a Series 65 license. Mr. Frank has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg Radio, and Market watch Radio, and he has been featured in articles in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Barrons, CNN Money, Investors Business Daily, Kiplinger,, The Star Ledger, The, and Reuters.

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