Investment Documents

Investment Documents

Schwab, Fidelity, NFS, Pershing, Pershing Advisor Solutions, JP Morgan, Matrix, SEI, Legent, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, and Scottrade.
You can also make a direct investment via check or wire.


How to Make a Direct Investment

Direct investments are commission-free:

  1. 1. Read the prospectus
  2. 2. Print out and complete an application:
    Standard Account
    Traditional IRA kit
    Roth IRA kit
  3. 3. Make your check payable to “Frank Value Fund”
  4. 4. Mail the completed application along with your check to:
  5. Frank Value Fund
    c/o Mutual Shareholder Services
    8000 Town Center Drive, Suite 400
    Broadview Heights, OH 44147

SEC Filings

November 2017 – Frank Value Fund Prospectus and SAI (Post-effective amendment)
September 2018 – N-CSR – Certified shareholder annual report
August 2018 – N-PX – Annual report of proxy voting record
May 2018 – N-Q Quarterly Schedule of portfolio holdings

Share Class Symbols, Minimums, and CUSIPs:
Investor Class: FRNKX, $1,500 minimum, 352005102
Class C = FNKCX, $1,500 minimum, 352005300
Institutional Class = FNKIX, $1,000,000 minimum, 352005409
Please see the prospectus for details.

Frank Funds Prospectus XML Files:






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